Hotel Kanta International

About Hotel Kanta International

Hotel Kanta International was built in 2013. The Group is also engaged in travel and tour services, car rentals. Hotel Kanta International is built around a unique concept that provides facilities to meet the key needs of today's travelers, with personalized attention at surprisingly affordable rates. Our mission is to provide a superior product offering with personalized attention and consistent experience to travelers, beyond the present offerings in the industry.

'Hotel Kanta International' is synonymous for providing the right blend of service, luxury and quiet efficiency. Well recognized for all-round excellence and unparalleled levels of service.

A distinctive feature of The Group's hotels is their highly motivated and well trained staff that provides the kind of attentive, personalised and warm service that is rare today. The Group's new hotel has established a reputation for redefining the paradigm of luxury and excellence in service amongst hotels in the town.

Hotel Kanta International has established a reputation for excellence and is acknowledged for offering quality and value. The hotel combines state of the art facilities with dependable service in a caring environment, making them the ideal choice for business and leisure travellers. The Group's commitment to excellence, attention to detail and personalised service has ensured a loyal list of guests and accolades in the hospitality industry.